Applied Nanotools raises seed capital for process innovation in X-ray optics

August 1, 2013 – Applied Nanotools (ANT) designs and fabricates high-resolution membrane based X-ray optics chips that include Fresnel zone plates (FZP), nano-gratings and calibration standards. Catering to the fast growing X-ray and EUV membrane optics market, Applied Nanotools has been developing scaling processes for production. With new innovative processes ANT aims to improve the yield and lower the fabrication costs of these precision devices for the fast growing and important X-ray and EUV markets. Supporting this initiative, ANT has secured $150,000 from nanoBridge. “With this timely infusion of seed capital in to Applied NanoTools we are expecting to speed up the high yield process development by several fold. We believe that this process innovation will put us ahead of the competition in the X-ray and EUV membrane optics market,” commented Mirwais Aktary, President of Applied Nanotools Inc.