Rob Peters (Project Manager over X-Ray Optics) will be presenting as an invited speaker at the Alberta Nano Research Symposium on Friday morning (May 27). See and  


Applied Nanotools will be attending the International conference on Vacuum Ultraviolet and X-ray Physics (VUVX) conference from July 4-8 in Zurich Switzerland. Please see our booth there or e-mail us for more information.  


Applied Nanotools will be attending the X-Ray Microscopy Conference from the 15th to 19th of August 2016. Please see our booth there or e-mail us for more information.  


Applied Nanotools will have a booth at the Quantum Alberta Workshop on 13 May 2016.   Details from the website (Quantum Alberta Workshop 2016):   Workshop steering committee: Paul Barclay, John Davis, Lindsay LeBlanc, Barry Sanders. An objective of AQN2 is to bring together Alberta’s Quantum-Nano community drawn from a larger base that includes NAIT, SAIT, ...


Applied Nanotools raises seed capital for process innovation in X-ray optics

August 1, 2013 - Applied Nanotools (ANT) designs and fabricates high-resolution membrane based X-ray optics chips that include Fresnel zone plates (FZP), nano-gratings and calibration standards. Catering to the fast growing X-ray and EUV membrane optics market, Applied Nanotools has been developing scaling processes for production. With new innovative processes ANT aims to improve the yield and lower the fabrication ...


Applied Nanotools joins the NSF EUV ERC

April 15, 2013 - Applied Nanotools joins the Industrial Advisory Board of the NSF Extreme UV Engineering Research Center. Dr. Mirwais Aktary, President of Applied NanoTools commented, “Given our business direction in EUV and soft X-Ray optics, joining the EUV ERC is of strategic importance to us. We are looking to collaborate with some of the world’s best researchers ...


Applied Nanotools wins Commercialization Fund for Silicon Photonic Sensors

November 28, 2012 - Applied Nanotools' nanophotonic sensor is among the five new technology commercialization projects chosen through the Alberta-Jalisco Agreement. The funded projects include technologies for enhanced health care, environmental monitoring and improved business productivity. Read more...