High Efficiency

We can fabricate your custom optic out of a variety of different materials to maximize the efficiency

High Resolution

We use the latest in electron beam lithography technology to pattern features down to 15 nm

Low Cost

With the most common zone plate specifications kept in stock and custom optics that are made to order we can deliver the highest quality with low costs

Fresnel Zone Plates

Zone plate optics for ptychography, phase contrast, and scanning microscopy in soft and hard X-ray regimes

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High Resolution

Our calibration standards can be fabricated to have features as small as 15 nm

Custom Designs

Using state of the art electron beam technology to pattern designs we can put your logo onto our standard layout or your own custom layout

X-Ray, EUV and visible light

We can fabricate our calibration standards with a variety of feature sizes and various substrates related to the imaging application.

Calibration Targets

The ANT calibration standard was designed for the highest resolution requirements of X-Ray imaging systems with nanoscale features. Available for both soft and hard X-Ray regimes, EUV and optical setups.

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High Resolution

We have the capability to pattern lines down to a resolution of 20 nm half pitch or 50,000 line pairs/mm (lp/mm).

High aspect ratio

Using the latest technology in high-resolution direct-write patterning and electron beam lithography allows for custom pattern fabrication and for high-efficiency gratings for hard X-ray applications

Custom Applications

Our custom gratings can be used in synchrotron and lab-based systems for a range of applications. Contact us for more details for your specific needs


Custom transmission gratings for EUV and higher energy X-ray systems. Our direct-write, fast through-put process allows for higher resolution gratings from several hundred micrometres to millimetres. Various metals can be fabricated on thin membranes of Si3N4, SiC, or Si.

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Multi-Project Wafer Runs

Standard options include cladding oxide, metallization, and edge couplers.

Custom Dedicated Runs

Fully customized to suit your needs with many options available.

Rapid Fabrication

Turnaround time from design submission to delivery as short as three weeks.

Integrated Photonics

We are an integrated photonics foundry specializing in rapid turnaround prototyping and low-to-mid volume production. By using state-of-the-art electron beam lithography, we achieve features sizes of 60 nm. Our online design submission system is user-friendly and we offer a process design kit for our fabrication service.

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Custom designs

We fabricate your designs that are customized for your application.

Different metals available

Interposers are available in a number of different metals including aluminum.

Rapid fabrication

We specialize in fast turnaround times of less than four weeks for a single layer of metal.

Custom Interposers

Interposers are used to route electrical connections from one configuration to another. We offer fabrication of custom interposer designs with rapid turnaround times.

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Ultra high resolution features

Critical dimensions down to 15 nm for X-Ray Zone Plates

0 nanometers

Critical dimension

Proven performance of our photonic integrated circuits

Read about how the devices we fabricate are being used to push new boundaries

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