Transmission and reflection gratings customized to any application

Customized gratings with features sizes from nanometres to micrometres

Custom transmission gratings for EUV and higher energy X-ray systems. Our direct-write, fast through-put process allows for high resolution gratings with areas that span several hundred micrometres to millimetres. Various metals can be fabricated on thin membranes of silicon nitride, silicon carbide, or silicon.

High Resolution

Resolution down to 20 nm half pitch, or 50,000 line pairs/mm.

Membrane Options

Gratings can be fabricated on silicon or glass substrates. For transmission gratings, available substrates include thin silicon nitride, silicon carbide, or silicon membranes with thicknesses between 50 nm to 1000 nm. The substrates can be chosen to suit your application.

High Aspect Ratio

High-resolution direct-write patterning allows for custom designs and high efficiency gratings for hard X-ray applications. Gold, nickel, platinum, and tungsten metals with positive and negative-tone patterning are available.

Custom Applications

Our custom gratings can be used in synchrotron and lab-based systems for a range of applications. Contact us for more details for your specific needs.