Optics Holders

Optics holders for our EUV and X-ray zone plates, diffraction gratings, calibration standards and other chips

Simplified holders designed for optical systems

Single chip S1.1 Holder for gratings, zone plates, calibration standards or other custom optics (version 1)

Our single optic holders are well-suited for zone plates, central stops, gratings, or calibration standards. The single optic holders eliminate direct handling of the optics because the devices are mounted into the holder before
delivery. The holders come with pre-threaded screw holes of size M2 x 0.4 for
straightforward incorporation to existing experimental setups. Blast shields can be mounted onto the holder with the optic upon request. A drawing of the holder is shown below, with all of the dimensions in millimetres.

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XY Stage for Zone Plate/ Central Stop Alignment (version 2)

Our custom XY stage allows micro-scale alignment of a central stop and zone plate and also allows for a possible blast-shield to be mounted. The outer dimensions of the XY stage are 19 mm wide x 19 mm tall x 5.1 mm deep and is made of lightweight aluminum. Threaded M2 screw holes are provided for straightforward attachment to any existing experimental setups.

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