Additional Integrated Photonics Services

We offer additional services to complement our device fabrication including measurement, optical packaging, and design services

More than just a photonics foundry

In addition to our integrated photonics foundry service, we also offer many options to help you design, measure, and package your photonic devices. Measurement and packaging is done in a cleanroom environment to ensure the best results.

Photonics Design

We offer design services for simple photonic components such as grating couplers. This is useful when there is a unique wavelength requirement and components do not already exist.


Our measurement services are available in the wavelength range of 1530 - 1565 nm. The smallest available step size is 1 picometer and we can measure three channels simultaneously.

Optical Packaging

By attaching fiber V-groove arrays to integrated photonic dies, we can help simplify the input and outputs of your device. We use an active alignment process to glue 2, 4, or 8-port optical V-groove assemblies to the dies.

Custom Requests

Need help with something for your prototype? Our team has expertise in photonic layouts, electronics, and much more. Inquire to find out how we can help move your project forward!