Custom interposer fabrication with fast turnaround times

Fabrication of custom interposers is available by request

We offer fabrication of custom interposer dies with rapid turnaround times of less than four weeks. Our interposers are fabricated on a silicon prime wafer with a 500 nm layer of thermally grown oxide for electrical isolation from the substrate. Custom metals and thicknesses are available for the electrical routing layer. We complete the interposers with a passivation oxide and windows to open pads for wirebonding or electrical probes.
  • 1

    Metal Deposition and Patterning

    Several different metals are available. Please inquire for more details.

    Aluminum is the most common metal, with an average sheet resistance of 0.032 Ohms/sq for a one micron thick film.

  • 2

    Oxide Passivation Deposition

    This thin passivation layer of 300 nm of silicon dioxide acts to protect the metal from oxidation damage and increase the lifetime of the interposers.

  • 3

    Oxide Windows for Contact Pads

    This is the last step in any interposer process. We open the contact pads by selectively removing the passivation oxide. This allows for wirebonding or electrical probing of the interposer.

Your design, for your application

Each interposer order is custom. We will fabricate your design specifically for your application.
  • Turnaround times less than four weeks
  • Custom metal layers and thicknesses
  • Passivation oxide for long lifetime
  • Single-sided interposers only; through-silicon vias are not available
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