Calibration Standards

High Resolution Calibration Standards: Overview

Applied Nanotools provides calibration standards for X-Ray, EUV and visible light microscopy for the highest resolution applications. These high quality optics include various calibration elements can be seen in the SEM images below:

ANT X-Ray Calibration Standard for use with Fresnel Zone Plates including USAF 1951, Nested Ls, and Siemen star patterns The ANT calibration standard was designed for the highest resolution requirements of X-Ray imaging systems with nanoscale features. Available for soft and hard X-Ray regimes and optical setups.
Nested Ls or elbows allow for high resolution measurements with guaranteed pitch and efficiency. Down to 15 nm half-pitch on high resolution standard.
Siemens Star X-Ray Calibration Standard Siemen star patterns allow for calibration and accurate comparison of the resolution of optics for X-Ray and other imaging methods.
Nano USAF 1951 Calibration Standard Applied Nanotool’s custom designed NanoUSAF 1951 design is based on the USAF 1951 design but with features in nanometres instead of micrometres.
Custom nanofabrication and logos Custom designs and logos can be added to designs, see pricing for more information on costs.


 Device Base Price
 Ultra-High Resolution Soft X-Ray Calibration Standard (70 nm Au)

(15 nm half pitch)

USD $5000
 Soft X-Ray Calibration Standard (150 nm Au)

(25 nm half pitch or better)

USD $4500
 Hard X-Ray Calibration Standard (>600 nm Au)

(40 nm half-pitch or better)

USD $6000
Features Include:

     • Nested L’s

     • Siemen star patterns (large and small)

     • Varying pitch gratings and meshe

     • Nano USAF 1951

  Customization Extra Fee
     • Custom Logo (Max 50 µm2 area) $1000
     • Low stress 50 nm silicon nitride membrane $1000/order
     • Low stress 200 nm silicon carbide membrane $1000/order
     • Fused Silica Substrate (~500 um thick)

Chrome metal on glass (positive tone-only) >60 nm thickness


Negative polarity (features transparent)

     • 40 nm minimum feature size (soft X-ray)

     • 80 nm minimum feature size (hard X-ray)

     • Custom chip sizes Contact us

Custom Membranes/Substrates

Substrates for different application silicon membranes, silicon nitride membranes, fused silica and many other types of substrates. Calibration standards with features down to 20 nm can be provided. For more information please fill out the online form  or to get a direct quote. All our optics are guaranteed to meet the outlined specifications including absolute pitch and efficiency.

High quality low stress silicon nitride

Calibration standards are fabricated on standard 5 mm x 5 mm frames on a robust, low-stress silicon nitride membrane.

Fused Silica Nanofabrication X-Ray DUV EUV Optics Richardson Test Slide

Fused quartz substrates can be used for optical microscopy with chrome features.

Custom Designs

Custom designs can be added with facility logo with high resolution features (minimum element size of 50 nm recommended). Graphics must be provided in either a GDSII, EPS or vector format for best resolution. Contact us if you need help with the logo submission.

High Resolution Logo Nanotechnology Nanofabrication

High resolution ANT logo with 20 nm features plated to 200 nm

Overall Layout

X-Ray Calibration Standards with Nested L'sNote: final design may not be exactly as shown.