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General Information

An easily recognizable name that describes the substrate. (ex. Microring Resonators)

Number of requested copies/replicas of this order. Default is 1. Please indicate custom dicing requirements in the "Fabrication Comments" section.

MPW Run: Batched approximately every two months and processed at the same time as other orders. Lowest cost. 0.5 sq. mm of writing area is included.
Dedicated/Custom: Orders that have special requests outside of the scope of MPW runs, and/or special pricing.

For price estimation only. Total polygon area of the individual Layer 1 polygons on the design (not physical footprint/design area). Typically between 0.5 and 2.0
Use the design verification utility to calculate the area. Actual area will be calculated after design has been submitted.

Only 220 nm SOI (2 μm BOX) is available in silicon MPW runs, and 400 nm SiN (3 μm BOX) is available in SiN MPW runs.

Negative tone (polygons = remaining device layer) is currently the only choice for MPW runs.
In dedicated/custom runs, positive tone (polygons = etched device layer) or mixed (for multi-layer projects) may also be selected.

Standard oxide thickness: 2.2 μm for silicon MPW runs, 3.0 μm for nitride MPW runs.

Other Processing Options

Tri-Layer: Excellent for implementing heaters for thermo-optic control. Requires standard oxide cladding.
Direct Metallization: Used for implementing metal pads directly on device layer. Must not have any cladding oxide.

Regions to be imaged indicated on Layer 200.

For price estimation only. Number of images will be re-calculated based on areas indicated on Layer 200. It is most cost-effective to place the maximum number of images per price point. For example, the price of 7 images is the same as 10 images. For details on placing images, refer to SEM layout example here.

Shipping and Billing Information

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The invoice will be generated using the listed payment method when the order has been completed.

Please note that credit card payments are subject to a 2.5% surcharge for any invoice amounts totalling $500 CAD or over. Credit card payments will be charged in Canadian dollars.

Select "Yes" if your purchasing department requires a formal purchase order (PO) number to be created for this order.

If a purchase order is required, we typically cannot ship and invoice for your order until we receive and approve your PO. Please arrange for creation of the PO with your purchasing department as soon as possible.

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 This order uses Alcyon Photonics PDK black box components.

Please enter the fabcode issued by Alcyon Photonics for this order.


Custom requests and comments (may be subject to additional charges).

Upload Design

Designs can be uploaded once the order is created. The design can be re-uploaded as many times as needed before the submission deadline.


Estimated price may be subject to adjustment depending on custom requests and re-calculation of exposure area. A final quotation may be requested once the design has been submitted. It is recommended that designs are submitted well in advance of the submission deadline; designs must pass our review process no later than 48 hours after the submission deadline.

Users are required to familiarize themselves with the design rules and perform their own design rule checks before uploading and submitting a design. Designs are fabricated as-is; Applied Nanotools Inc. is not responsible for any design-related errors or omissions.

Applied Nanotools will make every reasonable attempt to deliver devices free of fabrication defects, but substrates may be considered deliverable up to a defect rate of 10%. If the defect rate exceeds 10%, Applied Nanotools will consult with the client to determine a course of action to resolve the deficiency. These actions may include: adjustment to the price, re-attempt of fabrication (using existing, or a re-submitted design), or cancellation of the order.